Dreamland by Robert L. Anderson

DreamlandDea has always been extraordinary. She has never understood why she was capable of walking through other people’s dreams, but she knew that she needed to do it for her health. She knows the rules, and has always been able to follow them. Until Connor comes into the picture, Dea wants to know everything about him, even if that means walking his dreams more than once and breaking the rules.

A story about a girl who can walk through others’ dreams and see our deepest desires, and our hidden secrets, immediately, it has you hooked-right? The premise for the story was hooking – the start of the story? Not so much. It took me until the nightmares came into play before I got hooked. And I believed that was Chapter 7 or so. So I was kind of far into the book before I was hooked. What kept me going was the fact that the premise had the makings of a story that would be so enticing. And I’m glad I stuck with it, because once I was hooked I couldn’t stop reading.


Four star
Four Stars

The plot was a little predictable. I felt like certain things were handed to us before we were given the answers so that we could piece together the story. This didn’t detract from anything, but that just made the twists less fun than they could have been. I would’ve rather been shocked when it was time for me to find out with Dea what was happening, rather than me piecing together certain things. Yea I would be shocked when I figured it out, but I would have rather found out with the character.

Due to how the story ended I really am hoping that Anderson decides to write a sequel. Not to say it’s a cliff hanger, but there is definitely enough for there to be a story following this? And I would be one of the first people in line to read it.

Seeing as this is Anderson’s first novel I would say I’m impressed. Usually first novels are hard to read – at least I feel like the first novels of many authors are rocky and the author is trying to find their writing voice and are unsure if audiences will enjoy what they are writing. I did not feel this way with Anderson. I felt as though he knew his writing voice for years and he was confident that audiences would enjoy his stories. And from my experience and reviews I’ve read of others – I believe he succeeded in giving us some great entertainment!

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